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Family Box

$55.00 Feeds 3-5 people. 3 Sandwiches cut in 1/3's - includes a (2) large bags of chips, 8 oz mac salad, 8 oz potato salad, and 4 Doobie bars. *Some of the Sandwiches for Munchie box are served on different types of bread than our regular menu for cutting into 1/3's. CALIFORNIA TURKEY OR BEEF Roast turkey or beef, Ortega chile, pepper jack, the works, avocado, on toasted sourdough roll. DUTCH PUNCH Smoked turkey, extra bacon, jalapeño Havarti, red onion, tomato, romaine, avocado, chipotle mayo, on Dutch crunch. SPRING CLUB Roast turkey, bacon, cheddar, ranch, shrettuce, cucumber, tomato, mayo, French roll. ITALIAN SUB Genoa salami, capicola, dry salami, sharp provolone, the works, pepperoncini, oregano, on a toasted French roll. NASHVILLE CLUB Smoked turkey, black forest ham, bacon, smoked gouda, the works, BBQ sauce, ranch, jalapeño, on toasted sourdough roll. WEST COAST HOAG Smoked turkey, prosciutto, sharp provolone, roasted artichoke, St. Sauce(lemon-caper aioli), arugula, HS chilis, avocado, seeded Sicilian hoagie. TURKEY PESTO Roast turkey, melted sharp provolone, homemade basil pesto, mayo, tomato, romaine, on a toasted French roll. CHIPOTLE BEEF Roast beef, pepper jack, tomato, avocado, red onion, chipotle mayo, toasted sourdough roll. TROPICAL VACATION Smoked turkey, jalapeño havarti, the works, romaine, sprouts, avocado, honey mustard, cranberry, on sourdough roll. MOTHER NATURE VEG Avocado, sprouts, carrot, purple cabbage, mushroom, cucumber, pepper jack, the works, romaine, on a French roll.

Choose 3 Sandwiches
Cal Turkey on toasted Sourdough Roll
Cal Beef on toasted Sourdough Roll
Dutch Punch on Dutch Crunch
Spring Club on a toasted French Roll
Italian Sub on a toasted French Roll
Nashville Club on toasted Sourdough Roll
West Coast Hoag on a toasted French Roll
Turkey Pesto on a toasted French Roll
Chipotle Beef on toasted Sourdough Roll
Tropical Vacation on toasted Sourdough Roll
Mother Nature Veggie on a French Roll

Macaroni Salad
Potato Salad

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