Good food has shaped who I am. When I think back to where I was living, who I was with, or the emotions I was feeling I generally recall what I was eating. When I think of my Italian Grandpa, I think of goats hooves hanging over a pot of Sunday sauce simmering all day. When I think of my Guatemalan Grandmother, I think of the amazing Mexican restaurants in the LA area where I gorged myself on chips and burritos while she drank margaritas. When I think of my dad, I think of how he did not eat to live but lived to eat, basting everything in bacon fat before bacon was cool. I grew up on LA's finest Delicatessens, taquerias, pizzerias and burger joints. But Italian delis were my favorite: the salamis, the breads, the cheeses. The ingredients were always the freshest, the purest and the best. With such great ingredients the end result could only be an amazing meal. 


That is what I have always aimed to achieve at High Street Market and Deli. To create food in which every ingredient speaks for itself, to create an amazing meal. The ripest tomatoes, the locally sourced avocados, the freshest bread, the purest meats and cheeses. Everything must be homemade, tasted, seasoned, tasted again until it is perfect. In 2000 while attending Cal Poly I lived across the street from High Street Market and Deli and it came up for sale. My family had always been drawn to the food business so I jumped at the opportunity. It was more of a market than a deli and with a lot of love and labor, I began creating what is the current High Street Market and Deli.  


High Street Market and Deli has repeatedly shown me that if you work hard, find your passion, and do not cut corners success is inevitable. Good food speaks for itself and when it is accompanied with a great atmosphere and friendly people it speaks even louder. When you visit High Street Market and Deli I hope you are able to taste the homemade, the hardwork and the happiness that my employees and I try to incorporate into each sandwich. I hope each sandwich creates a new memory that you take with you long after you leave High Street Market and Deli. 

- Doobie